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"Saar Sansaar" is a Vorstellung of Dr. Amrit Mehta for those lovers of world literature, who want to read their literature in Hindi - in an undiluted form, where the original text does not come to them through the filter of English. This is a modest effort to restore Hindi it's rightful glorious place in the world, whereby Hindi readers do not have to depend on some English and American translator to decide for them, what kind of literature from various foreign languages they should read.

In this April-June issue of "Saar Sansar" there is a heart-rending story titled "Theresienstadt" by German writer Ruth Klüger. Klüger, a Jew by birth, was born in 1931 in Vienna, studied in a University in Bavaria, and in 1947 she migrated to the U.S.A, and is currently teaching at the University of California. Her parents died in a Nazi concentration camp, and she herself was a prisoner in the the Theresienstadt concentration camp. This story tells her personal experiences of the camp. Then there are two Czech stories translated by Dagmar Markova, one by Eduard Pergner and another by Ota Pavel and these stories also describe the atrocities committed by the German army on Czech civilians during the second world war. There are the subsequent instalments of books by Prof. Voler Neuhaus on Günter Gras and Swiss writer Franz Hohler. Another Swiss text is by Rudolf Peyer. The other texts are by Austrian Günter Stingl and Afghan Rahnavard Zaryab (this one translated by Nasera Sharma


Balkavi Vairagi has passed away On 13th of May the demise of venerable Shri Balkavi Bairagi must have shocked millions of his admiers. He was an institution in the body of a human being. He was parliamentarian, poet, journalist, wrote lyrics for films and a fighter for the cause of Indian languages. In 1947 he joined politics. One can find reams of information on him in Google; in this column I will write only about our bond of 4 years. It happened all of a sudden. In January 2013 an article of mine about the scams in our Academy of letters was published in the literary magazine "Prerna", which attracted a few interesting comments; one of them was from Balkavi Bairagi. He had written,"By the way, every page of this issue is worth reading, but AMrit Mehta's essay "Nobel Prize to to an Indian writer?" and Miss Sadhana Aggarwal's "Corrution in Sahitya AcademY" are specially worth reading. It is feasible that this case is entrusted to the Central Bureau of Investigation." I was flabbergasted to read this. Such a great writer, who has become a legend in his lifetime, he has this positive opinion about my fight against corruption! especially in times, when a whole gang of writers is trying to berate me. This comment of Shri Bairagi was like elixir to me. His address was also mentioned along with his name. Since then I was sending "Saar Sansaar" to him regularly, after that the affection which I received from him is beyond description. Many time I received letters from him before an issue was published, and there was so much affinity in his words as if he knew me since ages. While printing his letters I did not included his personal comments, which were not related to the magazine. But I have received his last letter just before this issue going to the press, and I am printing the complete letter, from which my readers would be able to feel a wellspring of love emanating from his heart. Many times he had given vent to his His abhorrence for corruption and hypocrisy in society:
Dear Mehta ji,
Wish you good fortune

  Everything is fine by God's Grace
  Hope you and your family are doing well
  You must have made an outline for your next foreign travel
  By today's post I have received the Jan.-March issue
  The material in the whole issue is worth reading
  Victory to your hard work
  You have printed my 2 letters in this issue. Your readers and
  adversaries will surely read them. I will be very happy.
  My love and respect to all in your family.
  Remain merciful, as always

This New Year will bring you more laurels, I have full conviction.
Be God mercifull to you!
Such a loving individual is no more with us. In the last 5 years I could not gather courage to write to him that I would like to meet him whenever he came to Delhi. Today I am ruing the fact that I could never meet him. We, at Saar Sansaar, pay our respectful homage to late Shri Bairagi. I quite one of his poems below, which manifest his revolutionary untainted propensity:

हैं करोड़ों सूर्य लेकिन सूर्य हैं बस नाम के जो न दें हमको उजाला वे भला किस काम के ? जो रात भर लड़ता रहे उस दीप को दीजे दुआ सूर्य से वह श्रेष्ठ है तुच्छ है तो क्या हुआ ? वक्त आने पर मिला ले हाथ जो अँधियारे से सम्बन्ध उनका कुछ नहीं है सूर्य के परिवार से।।

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